Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday of Orthodoxy the Iconography of the Holy Church of God

The Orthodox faith is the custodian and sole protector of the icon these mystical protusions which bring the eternal and even the divine squarely in the room. They are liturgical objects or more correctly subjects which bring their brightest light in that context. Unlike mankind the chosen creation of God, the icons can never be less they can neversoil themselves or fall short. They are those Holies and events present despite what that ignorant iconologist (who is more rightly an iconoclast) who in his futile attempt tries to strip the sacred work of its essence. His brand of iconoclasm is more incidious and heretical then calling for a more upfront affront to iconography. This professor from St. Tikons Seminary can be found spouting his heresy from the classroom to the conference hall while the ignorant soak up his fiflth like myrr. Icons are  mystical in their own right and unlike this professor they can't betray the faith, can't shame their own image or comprimise their essense nor will they be comprimised by small minds or evil hearts.

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