Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I Run

This afternoon was a warm cloudy, wind blowing excitement. This run was awesome I ran with Stavro who has all the answers all the time (he's 13). It was emotional for me because I wanted him to enjoy running (which is not so much fun in the beginning). Also a happy surprise was the he kept up with me the whole time and never once complained but he corrected me about a lot of stuff. Actually he complained when I told him to take the garbage to the street just following the run. To be fair and in the spirit of honesty Stavro didn't compain as it were about doing the chore just that I told him just as he finished running and was still feeling like puking.  I hope he runs with me often. He actually has a natural aptitude.  I had a chance to shake out the lead and move my body again. I have been motionless for over six weeks save an occasional long run (14 miler) to church and only a few 5+ milers. Stagnation has set in and my mind is a dusty mess. I am out of shape and fit my clothes like a mild Italian sausage. Pressure is mounting with tension and cognitive paralysis. My thoughts move in and over take my emotion and well being. I sin in anger and am impatient and fruitless. I have a cearing central nervous system. Putting that to rest enough already I am going to keep off my ass and bring movement and body/soul/mind synergy which is sorely lacking back into priminence. Prayer rules are essentially successfully integrated into my life for the first time really. It is not artificially set but is arranged for regularily. I'm hoping my praying shapes my connection and communication with  my family: my husband and children and my church family: closest friends and body of believers. I have been told that I am abrasive at times, remiss in compassion, void of empathy and lack tact not to mention commonsense. As a side note and final comment I was glad to see Jn1034 Gr (NY) is writing again. I miss their more vigorous editorials.

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