Monday, May 2, 2011

Bullfrogs, Toads, Extremists and the Gestapo

Jeremiah, I am writing this entry to a broad audience no doubt, but I wish you to pay particular attention. To question an others Faith is to condemn. I ask you how can we as a church discount the tragic state of the OCA who has spent the better part of 30 years calling other jurisdictions bigots and old world despots while child sexual abuse and fiscal improprieties reached all time highs? How do we address an anomalous 'sect' which has inflated by more then  ten times its size, wealth and statical data, overstated its influence and place on the American stage while marginalizing scandal after scandal?

So how is the good Christian to act and respond? First we need to voice our concerns, our fears and protect the helpless and those whose faith might be scandalized. Then it takes a heterogeneous group of individuals from all walks of life to weigh in and git ur done. This affords the checks and balances that are so sorely needed in this circumstance of systemic catastrophic malignancy. I am not talking about any form of congregationalism but the Church proper is comprised of laity and clerics.

If I remain politely in the background then I too wish for my own comfort not to engage in the problem. I must take personal responsibility and use the talent God has given me also. Being forthright and outspoken is a blessing.

How do we as Orthodox Christian continue to be authentic and committed to our Lord an stewards of the Church without cleaning house? The OCA has for decades laid claim to sole legitimacy in these new or barbarian lands while slandering the Ecumenical See and manipulating its relationship with Mother Russia. It cooked its books with regard to membership in an overt attempt to be perceived as being the true fishers of men,  appeasing the catechumens and newly converted heretical notions of a Great Commission. By proclaiming this revival within the Orthodox community they wished to usurp, in the court of public appeal, the hierarchs of other flocks of well working 'ethnic' jurisdictions. The OCA paraded its Made in America Saints in record time. This was a skillful way of shaming to silence, individual concerns, with this unequivocal  endorsement by the Spirit.

So now let's examine how we are called to live and pray. How can we claim to pray and be a servant of God if we live with indifference sin? When have we compromised our Sacred Tradition by an overblown sensitivity for public discourse, civility and polite niceties?  How can we defend perpetrators, pedophiles and thieves without safeguarding victims and bystanders? Don't we believe the truth will set us free?  We are expected to drown in our own vomit,  the violent result of a healthy body expelling poison fed us regularly from the leadership. As for the good intentions of the humble abbot Met. Jonah has been a lose canon from the beginning and his minions are now getting restless. What do rats do when the ship goes down? They run. We the faithful and laity are expected to tolerate the most sinful states without exorcising the evil which is moving through the ranks.
Let's not tolerate or remain quiet any longer. 

  1.  tolerate or support verbally and physically attacking or intimidating individuals
  2.  tolerate or support sexual abuse or misconduct
  3.  tolerate or support mistreating of women, minorities or children
  4.  tolerate or support  tolerate or support criminal activity or immorality of any kind
The degree to which we look the other way or get side tracked on nuances and not deal with the cancer that has plagued this church how can we claim to pray rightly to believe rightly to love rightly. Obedience first to Christ then to men and then only God's select not self appointed despots. 
Sound Theology  doesn't permit us to bury ourselves in denial. Please review the extremist tactics itemized for your review and ask yourselves if this sounds like the approach of the OCA. I believe it does and that reality is very troubling.

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Jeremiah said...

I like how you react when people disagree with you. Lumping me with Extremists and the Gestapo?
Stay Classy...