Sunday, May 8, 2011

Psychological Testing for Ordination Candidates OCA Solution

Melanie Ringa presented her extensive Treasurer’s report, after which it was resolved to make some minor adjustments to the 2011 budget. Among the adjustments are ... funding for psychological evaluation of all ordination candidates..."

What a mouth full for sure. It speaks volumes about what the Synod considers of its clerics and hierarchs. Just three months ago there were rumors circulating that Met. Jonah is unhinged. Now they are recommending a battery of secular psychological tests for clerics. Generally mental illness and psychological pathologies become pretty  evident rather quickly. You would think that an astute seminary would take note of such issues in their seminarians. I can't imagine subjecting churchmen to secular and most often times heretical and pagan ideals of human wellness and reasoning. Perhaps we could take Yoga and chant t-r-a-n-q-u-i-l-i-t-y after a biofeedback session.

 Let's just look at Maslow who seems harmless enough not controversial like Sigmund. For example and his hierarchy the pinnacle of man's authenticity and bliss is derived from self actualization. This is actually demonic; as man cannot self actualize no matter how much the ego tells us we can. We actualize if we must use the term at all when through illumination we experience theosis.  We can only become actualized through Christ. Then there is Bettelheim who blamed mothers of autistic children for being cold; with his 'good enough' mother theory only matched in cruel malpractice by his ideas on enchantment. We can always go with Jung and his archetypes to explain our fascination with religion and obsession with death. Then there is Anna Freud and her defense mechanisms where the ultimately we have no chance for healing purity or an honest thought. If we could all just sublimate then  we'd have astronomers (a voyeur's' just reward) not peeping toms. Of course we can look into Erickson,  Piaget,  Pavlov, Skinner...

You don't need a Rorschach Test to know someone is psychotic. You don't need Mezmer and hypnotism to quit smoking. It is about choosing Christ each and every moment. It is not about Faith alone but about commitment, loyalty and service to His Kingdom. The church doesn't require validation from an MMPI psychological test. We don't need psychodrama in council meetings. We need to lock up the perpetrators and encourage the victims to put blame and shame where it belongs on those responsible.

 The are chasing their tails over at the Synod and Synod Lesser. They have become so perplexed as to why the laity are all walking out. Perhaps they are looking for a lithmus test to keep out lavender clerics and not neurotic ones. One small detail they missed. The the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), previously known as DSM-V [until the APA decided to abandon the Roman Numerals] maintains a consistent concensus about homosexuality. The American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and similar institutions around the world, is that the research and clinical literature demonstrate that same-sex sexual and romantic attractions, feelings, and behaviors are normal and positive variations of human sexuality. Oops.
 It is pretty obvious now why the OCA attaches the Mystery of Confession with the Mystery of Communion. They have taken the secular model of psychotherapy and tried to force it on the church. Confession and pastoral guidance are not synonymous. My confession is between God, my confessor and me. I think the OCA is on very shaky ground sadly.

Perhaps I should be more optimistic because award winning and self aggrandizing Josephus Flavius aka Byzatnine Texas has this to say: "Quite a comprehensive update. I'm quite surprised by a number of items discussed. This outline of events, if not of great detail, still show a transparency in Church affairs not often matched by other jurisdictions. For as interesting as this is, the minutes from the synodal meeting are also well worth reading (the new processes and restrictions on determining a locum tenens bishop, the role of chancery staff, the make-up of the Lesser Synod, clarification of the office of chancellor, interviewing episcopal candidates, and the vital importance of proper handling of sexual abuse cases)".

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