Friday, May 6, 2011

OCA Truth NO HOMO Officially the Orthodox Party Line

There is no a moral equivalence between a blog writer or editor and the clerics of the church. The ethical standard for editorials pale in comparison to the homilies of clerics. When priests and hierarchs intentionally mislead the public about the particulars they do betray the public trust. The fact that deception was rooted out is not the cause of scandal or disloyalty. At a minimum the OCA Truth could have acknowledged that the writers of the blog which sought truth and not propaganda were key players and operatives and therefore needed to remain anonymous. This was not done they crafted the site in such a way as to try and remain above the fray like some lowly secretary who is afraid of possible reprisal from others in power. When those in the power positions however use these tactics they are purposefully misleading and engaging in immoral and unbefitting slander and deception veiled beneath of thin vaneer of self righteous piety and indignation. It leads to comments like Faith Skordinski who points how the unique heritage that the OCA has cultivated in which "not taking action was 'enabling the OCA’s personality-based management behavior rather than insisting upon accountability and policies.'” OCA Truth

"If the scores of emails obtained by OCANews confirmed that Fr. Fester and Metropolitan Jonah are behind the campaign of disinformation and propaganda at, they reveal other presences behind Fr. Fester, directly influencing the Metropolitan’s words and deeds to chilling purpose." OCA News. I can't speak to whom the real whistle blower at the OCA is and how Mark got the emails and the information on the hidden agendas. He appears to be trying to at least shed some light on the plague and for this his service is being marred. I know that those at OCA Truth seem to want nothing more then to disparage Mark and dismiss the years of service his because he opened the curtains. Now, suddenly, those who have know about his lifestyle are offended and unable to remain idle. All this  because of homosexuality? He was gay enough before, not an advocate for gay rights, respectfully silent, all the while allegedly sinning in the shadows. Now things have changed first Hopko writes his book which could be titled NO HOMO then Mark attempts to change the church through pressure and a grassroots upsurge to have the hierarchs serve other then themselves to seconds. Now Mark is a flaming embarrassment. It makes me wonder what is it really about. Why does the OCA Truth (blessed by Met. Jonah) who openly inserts himself into these sensitive issues on the national stage cautioning clerics and the military repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell? Does it seem that they 'prostest too much'.

Interesting very interesting. And what does Orthodoxy say about deception, neglect, abuse, theft, adultery, pedophilia, and gossip. If the laity stop flocking to the confessional or the OCA at all it is because the house divided against itself cannot stand. The hierarchs are so busy quoting legal charters of a secular federal law or the canonicity based on the day the wind blew they have taken their eyes off the mark. Their greed has overcome them and their envy blinded them with some sick sincerity. OCA Truth has already uttered the dreaded concerns that Moscow might consider the OCA's (PROVISIONAL) Autocephaly debunked. ROCOR has put a wrench in this for sure.

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