Friday, June 4, 2010

OCA Follows Gillquist Lead

Is the Orthodox Church creating new protocols of anomaly to forgo the hard work of a robust dialogue on issues of independence, territories and revisionist history. This rightly could have been a prerequisite for participation in the assembly. For instance, in the case of Met. Jonah who participated simply as a bishop  why was he not then represented with Russia?
Met. Jonah and the OCA's nuanced admittance to the Orthodox Assembly is reminiscent of Peter Gillquist and his Campus Crusading followers. The Gillquist group who arrived on the seen as 'bishops' with 'flock' in hand, were rejected by all legitimate churches. Only later to be accepted by the erratic reasoning's of the Antiochians; who simply demoted their rank and  ordained them as priests and accepting their mass conversion. Thereby, fore-going the sureity of a proper Orthodox catechism, seminary study or training!!! Thousands of people where assimilated into the orthodox faith without any appropriate pastoral direction. Are we succumbing to political pressure to make nice and include everyone?
If exceptions are being made then it is assumed they are done for the overall economia of the church.  I don't know if caving to disorder or an ambush is well and good.

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