Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ecumenical Patriarch has 'Super Fatigue Resistance'

Major confusion about the status of the "American church" (whatever that is)  leads one to presume such confusion is  the result of red herrings propagated intentionally by commandos (AOI, OCL...) shooting blanks.  First let's openly acknowledge SCOBA is defunked. Now in the spirit of truth let's clear the path. While the OCA's Mysteries are recognzied by the GOA, claims of universally accepted autocephaly is outlandish. The anomaly which preceded and drove the autocephalous claims are not accepted as valid. There are protocols which are not randomly dismissed for convenience or political advantage and then forced upon right thinking jurisdictions. Like Job they were called to suffer well, not declare independence. Much to the dismay of some deluded and vocal anarchists the Ecumenical Throne is not simply an honorary title or  some nostalgic position.
His All-Holiness brings with him the full force of the "Historical and Martyric See of Ecumenical Patriarchate" which attests before mankind and God its legitimacy; which the OCA or its mother church the Moscow Patriarchate, with its self-indulgant Czarist expanionist ideologies doesn't deny.  The Ecumenical Patriarch while a 'citizen of a second class' in his own country; is a preeminent leader on the world stage. HAH is actively engaged with environmental and ecological discussions being noted as one of Time Magazine Top 100 most influential people. He grants audiences with world leaders and has an extensive international platform and impressive CV (resume). His charitable work is impressive by any measure for example the Baloukli Hospital serves 40,000+ Turkish citizens each year including government officials. They have every discipline necessary with both in-patient and out-patient services provided at no charge. There is also the Home for the Aged exclusively for orthodox Christians.
To endure such human rights violations and limited civil liberties, like religious freedom afforded 'first class citizens' His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch must has a kind of 'super fatigue resistance' an obvious gift of the Holy Spirit for a believing people!! His All-Holiness has a greater capacity to perceive current events in their transitional, acute state, having a depth of perception which alludes the myopic view of the narrow-minded anarchists.
His All-Holiness' Pastoral care is evident in his youth rallies, symposiums, international pilgrimages, encyclicals, critically acclaimed books....

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