Thursday, June 10, 2010

facebook commentary, oca agendas, ep trumps and triumphs

First let me just clarify a few things. According to the requirements of several vocal groups in the U.S. by demanding an American National to pave or lead the way for the U.S. church is misguided. So the olympian greats of Orthodoxy by that standard would need not apply: Gregory the Theologian, Chrysostom, Basil, Palamas, etc all out . Faith and religion transcend culture, generation, time and nationality all of which are transitional incidentals.

I was accused earlier of being into conspiracy theories frankly I'm not; although there is a strong underground, a culture of people who are pushing this American patriarchate in theory and in practice that he must come from the American fronteer.  Regardless of race, culture or nationality one like Arch Demetrios could lead a unified autonomous church without seeking a patriarchate. Also I would like to mention that there is no justification to push for one.

While  former heirachs of the OCA were looting the treasury, the future custodians cleaned up the accounting and set the sights on power; shoring up their position and linguistically hijacking and controlling the rhetoric as their agenda moves forward. Meanwhile the GOA developed all the flourishing ministries of SCOBA while almost dismissing but certainly marginalizing the OCA; who seemed perpetually embroiled in scandal; or defending their irregular past to explain away their illegitimacy with new resolutions and sweeping statements. The OCA machine with their non-official media groups have started to reframe the debate and have doubled their propaganda efforts and revisionist history. Hiding behind the pure cloak of serving the 'unchurched' by setting up missions throughout the u.s. within 5 min. drives from GOA parishes is poaching not evangelizing and attempting to boost failing statistics. All this for 'the sake of service' it seems only like the OCA is helping themselves to second helpings. Gross.

Archbishop Demetrios outlined the real concern ecclesiastical discrepancies. The OCA has been quietly and methodically setting the tone firming up their base by getting organized. According to commentary on facebook America needs a patriarch to serve as a father to the faithful who are currently split by jurisdiction as  there needs to be unity for we are one flock. I  believe the EP serves the role. And being westernized should not a lithmus test regardless.

I heard Met. Jonah personally state in a small OCA parish the he saw the path for an American patriarchate on his lifetime.He repeated similar comments and disparaging ones about HAH until a video went viral on youtube. The church isn't about being the American church it is Christ's. The ability to relate with the flock comes directly form the unity of faith not culture. HAH effectively pastors his churches in Asia, Africa, Europe, south America, and north America. I have seen him personally on American soil three times.

At a time when the world is shrinking with the aid of technology and we are in fact having a one world culture this argument seems lame. The OCA's church membership didn't soar when they went from Slavonic to English and it will not be flooded with faithful if they create a schism and erect their own patriarch. Remember even their autocephaly is not conciliatorily recognized and are mentioned only barely in a few diptych.
These are not irrelevancies and can't be rightly marginalized. I understand their canonical status it's their autocephaly which is in serious breach and was acknowledged by Jonah's admittance into the assembly as a common bishop though perhaps he should have been assigned to Moscow.

God bless you and goodnight.

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