Sunday, June 13, 2010

My family and His All-Holiness

The Secretary General for the Ecumenical Patriarchate was asked this ridiculous question "Why doesn't the Ecumenical Patriarch pastor his people"? Speaking for my family I can say emphatically 'He does"!!!!    His All-Holiness is known by all pious orthodox christians. My husband Elias,  teen-age daughter Theophani, teen-age  son Stavronikitas and our youngest daughter Euphemia all have a profound awareness and love for His All-Holiness who does pastor us as the Good Shepard. His name and activities are mentioned each and everyday without fail. We discuss his itinerary, press releases, media coverage, pilgrimages, visitations, audiences, encyclicals, books and public statements. We have several photos of His All-Holiness and Ecumenical flags throughout our home.
Our children include the history of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in their school assignments and we make every effort to speak truth to power. Even our 30 month old daughter stops to watch video clips upon hearing his very distinct voice. His All-Holiness has entered our hearts spiritually living in our home. His love plainly demonstrated by his continued presence and faithfulness to his sacred position. We back his every decision, remain loyalists and outspoken. I will continue to be a watchdog and critic of those wanna bees where I find them. Our Holy Father will never disappoint  as he will never abandon his See for ease or personal safety even though there are those who plan his assassination (God forbid). My children consider him to have a Rock Star status. His greatness is probably the only issue never contested.
We engage with our Patriarch the way we engage with our patron saints. The Ecumenical Patriarchate will not succumb to cowardice or political pressure. We, though unworthy ourselves, are the descendants of the faithful the martyrs, the oppressed who pressed onward passing on their faith, their language and their fearlessness to us. We are gladly obligated and blessed to be connected to this great legacy. We love and defend our Holy Father. He is loved and revered in our home, no less a member of my family then I.

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