Friday, September 3, 2010


I take a bold, no excuse approach to living. This approach is applied to my personal and professional life and has made me a well sought after speaker. From early childhood I found myself interested in and questioning primary things: the purpose of life, my relationship to God to others, authentic living, prayer, etc.

Concluding through my early thinking and later experience and education that there exists concretely the opportunity for optimism, for grasping reality and acceptance of "things as they are" without becoming a slave to circumstances. I understood that these things are tied together. My no non-sense, good humour reminds me of the words of Hermes Tresmegistus. The pagan Hermes prayed to God many days troubled by many unanswered questions, until there appeared before him "The Shepherd of Mankind." The Shepherd said, "God has seen your sincerity and your concern and I have been sent to answer any question you have. What do you want to know." Hermes said, "I want to know God and things as they are." This wisdom is reflected in my zeal for living, zeal for my faith, for the church and for my mission, which is discovering the truth, that is, things as they are. Only when one is willing to observe things as they are, is one equipped to creatively make things better. With this goal for myself and those whom I coaches, I am self motivated and internally driven.

Discovering by experience that dramatic change is doable when turning away from cultural folklore, which tells us that what is better is not possible. I teaches that although one is to learn "the reality of the thing" that is "things as they are" one is never to assume that the status quo is the only possibility.I'm not shy about setting what some might call "super goals"; how else is real change ever possible? In my coaching paradigm, unwarranted self doubt and defeatist ideologies hold no place.

Challenge: Without challenge there can be little meaningful and intelligent change. I  lovingly challenge you to embark on a journey to a more creative life, to a personhood that is centered, introspective and strength-based (truth based). I believe and have seen demonstrated in the lives of those who choose so, the curative nature of faith and the healing path of commitment. All journeys begin with a single step; the ancient sage knew full well. So this journeyman's therapeutic methodology if first, common sense, that is, knowing the healing power of taking the first simple and practical steps to appreciate and understand ones own humanity, ones own personhood, ones place and possibilities in the living of this life.

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