Friday, September 3, 2010

Take the Challenge Support The Ecumencial Patriarch Transform Your Life

The marathon is the gold standard for athletic merit or excellence and we will use it to demonstrate our commitment to our church. We will train together in our own cities serving as a witness (martyria).

Through our joint effort our communion (koinonia) we will testify our faith and commitment to the Mother Church. Simply invite friends and family to take this challenge and experience the spiritual, physical and psychological transformation!

With only few hours a week you can devote yourself to a life changing experience and raise awareness of the orthodox faith. By following your weekly training schedule and journaling your progress and sharing your struggle you will grow in unforseen ways.

By choosing this peak life eperience, the training and completion of a marathon (26.2 miles) you act in faith and rejecting doubt and dispense with folkore which tells you its not possible.

Training workshops like these would cost in the hundreds but this is a free program.
*Be Sure to register for the Disney World, Flordia MARATHON 2011 today space is limited. Half Marathon has also been added for youth! Family 5K also available.

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