Wednesday, September 8, 2010

true measure of success, delluded thinking and you

One's definition of success:
An honest portrait of what is valued may be determined by which accolades are sought after; telling a more accurate accounting of what the individual really serves. If professional acclaim and self-promotion is what drives the individual then choices and effort is expended accordingly. Family, health and inter-connectedness is another. What we do and how we identify our goals is what defines the nature of the person with more precision  then sweeping statements and professions of faith. In actuality the reality may be a completely unrelated ideal that we have of ourselves. Lifetimes are spent in denial about what we really want where our treasure is.
It is not possible to actually put God first when the time spent seeking Him and strengthening that relationship and exchange, is always taking a back seat to the popular seen, work, financial ambition, social climbing or socializing. The notion that attending church services regularly don't directly impact day to day living is fool hearty. The declaration that attending church occasionally is sufficient in the making of a 'good christian' and defending non attendance by asserting that churches are filled with hypocrites. However this runs contrary to actual experience. In actuality the persons making such assertions would never make such claims or uphold this fallacious belief about any other topic or relationship in their lives. They will argue that occasional binge drinking has little to effect on their overall functioning, character, personal drive, health or judgement somehow church twice a year will. They would readily acknowledge that going to the gym once a week is non-productive and certainly is not a sign of fitness.
Interestingly those individuals are always searching for that one break. Success doesn't happen that way. Such individuals are completely lost in their quest, consistently affirming the wrong arguments and insisting that all objective indicators which support the contrary, are in some way beside the point. They are much like the the alcoholic who makes room only for alcohol and dismisses the wreckage as somehow incidental.  A successful life is built on the foundations of the orthodox worldview, on the basics of a responsible citizenry, and at a minimum on increments of learning associating and familiarizing oneself with the way of God. Breakthroughs are the result of concerted effort overtime with diligence and should be approached as an ultra marathon not a 50 yard dash.
Untold human potential lay waste to fantastical dreams and whimsical ambition and 'intuition'. I often tell people when departing from their company 'go with God'. If you are with Him your journey will be secured; regardless of the outcome because the course is established by the company you keep. I don't know how to explain this to younger, more ambitious, self confident types who fail to discern that over confidence is also weakness and liability if misapplied. I don't know how to explain this to the youth of today who have all the accolades of their parent's diligence, hard-work and success. All the high-minded, snooty pleasures, superficial beauty without any of the exertion effort or personal accomplishment. There is a trend of entitlement which is sweeping this nation which is telling youth (and all of us really) how much we deserve over inflating our self image and self esteem.
You no longer hear the cries of 'poor self esteem' because the egotistical beast is fed daily. We have become a society which grips the mouse or stylus while looking aimlessly into the abyss of the pretty little lights like a junkies. We have become stupefied exchanging actual currency: reality with a forgery. With each click each nano second we are immediately rewarded with pretty pictures and intellectual numbing. Our view of reality has never been so challenged so that we are no longer even seeking the deeper things, the eternal but only the immediate. Get unplugged from the matrix and you will find that you not only survive but you thrive.
Tweet no more!!! Shut the cell: very, very, very, very, few people need you that badly. When my phone rings I only answer about 15% of the time. I only check who's calling if my children are not with me. Everyone else doesn't need me on demand and you know what: everyone survives! In fact the only people who are bothered by this fact are those who wish I were bound to the immediacy of their call;  those who wish to serve their own interest or intrude.
The cares of this life will choke off your spiritual side. They will boast of your big thinking and super faith as sufficient enough you're 'covered'.  Feed your spirit, your soul is the only thing which can't be taken from you can't be stolen. Only you can neglect it and forsake it. Only you can defend and nuture it. If you don't careabout God and that relationship it won't just grow itself. It is the one aspect of yourself the one part of your health and real life that is totally within your control.

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