Friday, September 3, 2010

On the Road to Marathon

Join the Team Run for Religious Freedom. I ask the Holy Trinity to bless our effort and support our personal effort on our journey to share our faith through action with our neighbors. This blog will be available to all members and on-lookers to share and inquire. Our Lord is made perfect in our weakness and despite our inadequacy we accept the marathon challenge and will take concrete steps to witness our faith and demonstrate our commitment to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. My hope is to have one hundred participants race day and thousands of supporters. Come run with me where two or more are gathered He is among us.

Dear Runners,
We are almost at two week milestone to Official Training.  Don't keep effort  a secret share it with everyone in your address book and on Facebook. It will help your personal effort and of course the mission of the team. Be sure you are keeping up with your pre training. Please email me your contact telephone and email so we can keep in touch.
Great job in getting involed intaking charge of your health and proactively supporting the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This week your task is to take charge. Register for the Disney Marathon or Half Marathon if you are a minor.You are a part of this fight against religous discrimination and oppression. Register directly for the Disney Marathon or Half and tell everyone you know about this event.
I am currenlty seeking regional facilitators who can assist participants in your local areas with long runs. If you are interested please notify me by email Runners of every ability are encouraged to participate. If you would like to becomea sponsor please do so.

This week: If you are already a runner continue to run at least 4 times a week. If you are just beginning, awesome!! Your task run or jog 3 miles or run for thirty minutes which ever comes first. Repeat four days this week. Post your input on this blog. It is imperative for all participants to log mileage, time and a brief summary on the run. Rate your run 1-10 a perceived rate of exertion.

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