Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patriarch Bartholomew the last Patriarch?

The following blog post (site name intentionally omitted) spouts the same demonic advice given Eve by Satan.

It is said to be a reaction on CNN coverage of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.
"This topic has been on my mind in the past many a time… With the Halki Theological School closed and the need by Turkish law for the Patriarch to be a citizen of Turkey, the odds that a successor will be elected (and approved by the Turkish government–another necessary factor) are very slim. What are some possible options for the Orthodox Church after Bartholomew’s reign ends? One could be to move the seat of the Patriarchate from Constantinople elsewhere, perhaps to Greece or another country, and gain the freedom that the Patriarchate has been lacking during its presence in Turkey. Or perhaps it could even merge with one of the other existing Patriarchates in Alexandria, Antioch, or Jerusalem. What are your thoughts?
Personally, I can picture this as an opportunity for all of the Patriarchate’s archdioceses to become autocephalous from the Patriarchate, or from any higher authority for that matter. These archdioceses in many different areas of the world could follow in the footsteps of the Churches of Greece and Cyprus, who both gained autocephaly from the Patriarchate. (These archdioceses include those in America, Australia, Crete, Great Britain, and Italy.) Foremost, though, it would be wonderful to see the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America become completely independent, in order to continue the work of His Eminence, the late Archbishop Iakovos of America. Archbishop Iakovos, of blessed memory (2005), strongly pushed a movement to unify the numerous Orthodox churches within the United States (Greek, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Antiochian, etc.) during the 1990s. A major event, known as the Ligonier Meeting, took place in late 1994 where about thirty Orthodox hierarchs in America came together to “get the ball rolling” and create one “American Orthodox Church.” Unfortunately, Patriarch Bartholomew did not like the idea of the Greek Archdiocese in America loosening its ties to Constantinople to form a unified American Church. It is believed that he feared losing financial and political (anti-Turkish) backing from America. In any event, to prevent the ‘power-hungry’ Iakovos from becoming “Patriarch of America,” Bartholomew forced Archbishop Iakovos to resign in the summer of 1996.
Just think about this: what would Orthodoxy in America be like today if we had been independent of the Ecumenical Patriarch? I am positive that the Greek Archdiocese would have at least gained autonomy if not autocephaly from Constantinople, and would have even stronger ties to the scattered and divided churches here in America. Autocephaly and a unified “American Orthodox Church” would be so beneficial in so many ways–the church could make its own decisions, elect its own leaders, and push to break the tenacious international barriers that exist today."
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OCL Mouthpiece: The Hellenic Orthodox Info Center "BLOG" recently wrote a piece about the CNN video about "The Last Patriarch" and goes on to suggest autocephaly... what’s new? The anonymity of cyberspace is a breading ground for deception.
Whoever wrote this blog entry seems lost. From the very beginning of this entry despair grips the author. Its no surprise he suggests and supports the futile efforts of the OCL, with comments like: “The odds are slim that a successor will be elected” and “one could move the Patriarchate from Constantinople” or “merge with another Patriarchate”. What are my thoughts? You are delusional! Did you listen to the video? His All Holiness clearly says "We are not all in despair for the future of our church," Ah then the rub ‘autocephaly’ “…from any higher authority… completely independent” and “break the tenacious international barriers” The overriding tone of the blog is misleading and hides an agenda of ecclesiastic independence and not genuine concern for the Great Church of Constantinople. The Ecumenical Patriarch insists. "We trust a divine providence, and the guarantee given to us by our Lord himself, that the church can survive.” This is our faith, this is our conviction, this is our hope, this is our prayer. And all the rest we leave at the hands of God." Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew also said. "It is not easy, but it is not impossible." He rejects conjecture that he could be the last Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. This blog is full of conjecture. The author decries the unjust conditions imposed by the ‘secular’ Turks but the real enemies of the Throne are insidiously working from within the Church.
My commentary would be to remind such subversive groups and the small minded individuals to uphold those agendas: His All-Holiness cannot be deterred and will not be intimidated His strength is renewed like the eagle. The See of Constantinople established by the Apostle Andrew The First Called has survived: The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, The Ottoman Empire and will survive the Turkish State.

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