Saturday, May 29, 2010

Babalonian & Reject the Assembly Terms, Semantics or Assertions.

Update: Met. Philip stated the 'self-identified' North American churches and SCOBA are 'grown up' not Babalonian & reject the assembly terms, semantics or assertions. They DID accept all expenses paid by GOA and GOA patrons. As always true to form these uniquely American churches with their distinct ethnos  grab for funds, the infrastructure, & the clout of various of GOA NPO ministries which are undeniably the firstborn fruits of the GOA like SCOBA and its committees and ministries. They imaturely project contempt for their own ineptitude, failings, financial short falls & internal discord. Behaving as impetuous demanding children.
Recap: Met. Philip reflecting the cowardice demonstrated by his own Patriarchate of Antioch which fled Turkey for Damascus; seeks to impose this model on on the Ecumenical Throne. Met. Philip is completely deluded lamenting the collapse of SCOBA while getting into bed with Muslims by encouraging the exodus of Christians. Amazingly Met. Philip demands His All-Holiness the Ecuenical Patriarch become a U.S National: ethnopheletism at its best.

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