Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything is optional and possible

Today Xena and I ran a quick home loop. I realized what a weakened state my mind is in when I stopped to walk. The body could have slowed without walking but the mind required a break. This is worrisome as I am making serious attempt to run respectfully a few local half marathons with the goal of preparing for another full. I am considering my next marathon to be local to keep costs down and not to disrupt the household. I'm thinking of the full in Lithia State park in Nov. It is cross country which will take the pressure off of PR as off road is a race unto itself. I ran the half there four months following my brain surgery it is a lovely course. I don't plan  or intend to run another Disney marathon unless pressured by new members of tag. Everything is optional and possible. Xena and I have been running so often that we have become more predictable, reliable and synchronized.

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