Thursday, May 20, 2010

elgreca's run fluidity of motion

The last few runs have been in parts of my neighborhood I haven't run in a long time. I have rigged the perfect tether for Xena so my gait is not changed but she is still secure and safe. I have begun to reinforce basic principles back to my running: Success is the only option--which hardwires my running style, approach and mindset for success. I have to consistently push my limits without being unrealistic or impatient. Running on the cusp: the space where what is challenging sets the momentum for the run, and for the day, is key to get the flow which I used to talk about frequently. It's that timeless space where I am synced perfectly mind, body and spirit. The prayerful balance established, maintained and nurished when a challenge and skill level are paired with determination to be diligent yet relaxed: a state of homeostasis. This is possible with every run even when things are not perfect. In fact life in general canbe approached in this fashion. It is about the pursuit and the variables can and will vary. The runners high is distinguished from this. In my experience it occurs when the resistance of the run seems suspended and everything is marked  by elation, ease and a fluidity of motion. Mental toughness and self talk which marginalizes obstacles to success is a necessity.

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