Monday, May 3, 2010


Simply put: success requires action. I have created worse habits  for myself than simply a relaxed attitude and comfortable pace. I have compounded this with sporadic runs making progress slow and aptitude all but absent. I stopped keeping my log stopped registering for races; all fatal errors and faulty strategy. I took note of the progress of a woman with whom i trained for my last marathon. She ran18 miles yesterday. I'm not looking to qualify for Boston this year (as she did) but i took for granted those long weekly runs which were without fail pleasurable. The carefree manner with which i consistently covered between 10-20 miles was feasible only through sweat equity. Because i consistently worked each session with each step I could step it up without discomfort. Effort and work had different definitions. My private prayer life soared and  I grew in strength. Where are those 6am runs finished by 8am showered and off to church. I am not nor do i wish to be, driven, but I have lost something defining inspirational and special. Of course running at 4pm in full Florida sun is fool-hearty still I'm glad I did something. 

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