Monday, May 24, 2010

t.a.g. you're it: trinity athletic group signs another runner

the humidity was 85% this morning so last night it must have been at least that. it explains the tidal wave of sweat pouring down my head, torso and legs. it was crazy hot. I'm going to have to hand in the asphalt for my treadmill. I'm going to be training Christie a veteran 5k runner for a half and hopefully convince her to go the full distance 26.2. distance is the key to my success. I'm hoping she doesn't judge my contribution  on my 5k PR. although I'm slow and let's face it aging i have racked up some practical experience in this arena. her only weakness can be impatience: burning too quickly. with the half she may pull it off but not with the full. the pitfall for many short distance runners is that surge in the first half then lactic acid screws with every nerve ending and....crash and burn. the key is not minding that it takes us mortals a long, long, while to run 26.2 miles and then pushing through near death experiences. just kidding. but for real for every second you think you gain in the first half you lose at least twice that later. marathons are guarantees that you will dig deep and get to know yourself as you grapple to keep it together. for a pistol like me I'm down with that but some people are to guarded to self-conscious to let it get so real. there's no hiding in the marathon. it is a great equalizer. she is  a blessing to have someone to keep me training. i became incredibly insecure when i realized she runs like for the last seven years!!!!

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