Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crack A-lakin Good

Yesterday's run was exciting, setting out with no watch, no course, no regular route. I just ran though the streets of distant neighborhoods. I can approximate the distance and time but that would defeat the point really. Xena went running with me and interestingly when she trains with me she is definitely generally more interested in my activity throughout the day. It is amazing how she knows as soon as I begin to ready myself for the run. I didn't think I had a routine to trigger her as I vary the order I think there is a palpable transition in my mood once I've determined there will be a run. this is how i believe service dogs sense seizures and such.
A few days ago i bent down to pick something off the floor and my knee went crunch. this was not the standard popping or cracking but crunch. I stayed off it for a few days and am glad it didn't bother me during or following the run.
Running is the soulful place in my life. It compliments my calling to the mystical. It teaches me patience, endurance, discipline, dedication, fortitude, stamina and strength. It hardens me mentally to be the janitor and the bouncer to clean up what most can't stomach. I had a dialogue with someone to discuss major discrepancies and concerns about a delicate matter. The meeting went about two hours. I don't think he saw me coming. I run two hours for 'fun' i can definitely go toe to toe in a debate forum where the position I was promoting and defending was without error. Afterall someone has to kick it to the curb for all those who can't.

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Leftmost said...

"I ran for as uncounted miles just because I wanted to, then went and kicked someone's *** in a debate."

/me Gives Angela the thumbs up! :)