Monday, July 26, 2010


If you have friended Aocc Vocations on facebook reconsider and remove your link. They are a pack of wolves selling a pack of lies!!!!!!!!!
This is a taste of the poison from their info page. "Greetings and Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for stopping by The American Orthodox Christian Communion's Facebook Vocations page!!! The American Orthodox Christian Communion is seeking to identify men and women who sense a divine Call from our Lord to serve in the ministry of His Church. We are particularly interested to hear from potential postulants in the United States, to serve in the Communion's jurisdiction in the USA, The American Orthodox Christian Communion. Our postulants for Holy Orders span from men and women in mid-career or nearing retirement to younger individuals who have received their "epiclesis" (diving call from the Lord) at an earlier age. Many people have experienced a divine Call to the ministry from their childhood but have been unable to respond until now. Others have been applicants in other, larger, "main-line" churches, but have been rejected due to their orthodox views and convictions. Others have been ordained, but have become orphaned by their bishops. Still others are Protestant ministers seeking Holy Orders in an Orthodox body. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities to serve the Lord in our Archdiocese your first step is to contact our Vocations Director who will gladly assist you. Send him a message right here on Facebook. We truly look forward to hearing from you!"

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Leftmost said...

Never heard of the AOCC. Sounds FAKE! And a little too desperate for clergy. They make it sound like just anybody can become clergy, just because they want to.

Wouldn't be surprised if the OCA was behind the curtain.