Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forest is Running: Go Gump Go

I set my course for the open road despite the insane heat and humidity. Essential to convey the setting for Gump's (my) adventure you seem to sweat for only the first half a mile then you are just covered in wet. You even sweat between your fingers and the tips seem to prune. I decided against the air conditioning and convenience of my treadmill because going the distance becomes challenging. I required a more deliberate action. When you hit the pavement and go out you are committed. On the road distractions abound as does inspiration. The cloud coverage was amazing. Florida may be flat but we have mountains of clouds: cumulus nimbus upon a strata of yet more tie-died colored  'landscape'.  Xena took the run with me. The 3 foot lead connected to my belt is the best way to keep her controlled and safe;  while keeping my gait as natural as possible, as my hands-free set-up allows. Every time I lace up she begs to go out; when I run on the treadmill she lays beside it dejected and seeminngly jilted.

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