Monday, July 19, 2010

Orthopraxis Consulting 34220 team-in-training

Orthopraxis Consulting now providing an athletic team in training. We cross geographical boundaries by offering web support and race day support. Angela takes her bold, no excuse approach to the road. Join her in training FREE. By following her training plan you will get to race day! You will apply what you learn to your daily living. This training group 34220 an Ecumenical Patriarch Athletic Community hopes to raise awareness for the Ecumenical Patriarch to further its cause for religious freedom.

Angela does not profit in any way from this training group. It is an expression of her loyalty and dedication to the Mother Church and to human rights. There will be a full line of running gear for members to order and of course I hope everyone will show up race day sporting their team gear. A full line will be featured soon as logo design, style and colors are currently being designed. Our first event will be the Disney Marathon 2011. This is a great venue and is very family friendly. Official training begins September. Training schedule will be provided for all fitness levels. Make the commitment to yourself, your church your Patriarch.

Please contact me for more information and details about training groups in your local area.

Additional races distances and locations can be added based on interest.
Without challenge there can be little meaningful and intelligent change. Challenge yourself by embarking on this journey. Let's raise awareness about Orthodoxy and the current oppression of the Mother Church. All journeys begin with a single step. This grassroots effort begins with you making the first simple and practical steps. 34220 services are available to all Orthodox Christians.

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