Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fuel for the Run:subversive agenda

I am more determined then ever. There is a real subversive agenda of paramount significance brewing beneath the veil of integration, assimilation and unity. There is an acculturation a revisionist understanding of history and of interpretation of orthodox Christians in the United States. It is as if there is some parallel universe where we all wake up and find the Reformed Baptists are the keepers of the faith. The qualified acceptance of the autocephaly of the OCA is a precursor to the ridiculous notion of an American Patriarchate. Those crafting such agendas are biding their time, indoctrinating converts and our children; until such time as the provisional status somehow will cease to matter. It is of consequence. These progressive American Orthodox Christians  put American before Orthodox. They somehow irrationally seek to discredit or diminish the role of the EP therfore unknowingly cut off any hope for legitimacy. Here's a Biblical reference for all you Bible belching heterics or niave converts: Paul dismissed, rebuked and discounted those who he deemed disloyal or unworthy. Was he a papist? You can't back currency by burying the gold; you back the currency with the gold standard. You must keep a watchful eye for these borderline heretical postures. Why does the Ecumenical Patriarchate ignite such frenzied anger. What has the that man or the office done to harm you?  When has he stamped out your civil liberty or liturgical expression?  In orthodoxy there are no 'beside the points'; jurisdiction is relevant, highly relevant. Established through holy order: a manner of procedure and the non-negotiable apostolic succession. We will not allow modern theologists, theologians, iconologists, professors, modern-day missionaries or iconographers trample the tradition or protocol. If you want full diptych representation then bend your pride and yield your will to the Holy See. FYI we get the distinction between pope and Ecumenical Patriarch if you fail to it is because of your misunderstanding and residual resentment of religious orders.

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