Friday, July 16, 2010

OCA Parish Planting Flies In The Face of Multi-jurisdictional Concerns

This was the end on my last entry:
"What is more noteworthy for this forum is the discussion on the "Develop and pursue a pro-active strategy and approach to parish planting". While the OCA wishes to rant about jurisdictional anomalies and canonicity concerned they continue to intentionally plant mission outposts which satellite thriving Greek Orthodox parishes. Rather then seek out the unchurched or under-served they poach membership. More to my point my intentionally overarching other jurisdictions and interweaving OCA parishes amongst GOA parishes there is at least for the moment a suspension within the OCA of conscience for canonical concerns."
The overwhelming majority of clerics and hierarchy of the the OCA stake their claim on nullifying Canon 28 hiding behind the apron strings of Mother Russia while banishing her to the retirement village. They struggle with perceived infractions by the Greek Orthodox Church as their primary target. Notably their only redeeming quality is their likeness through the faith with 'the Greeks'. The author and primary contributor to every successful outreach and philanthropic endeavor to be forged in this New Land.
The claims of racism and bigotry made against a nation whose primary national income is tourism hailing them as hospitable and welcoming. The nation of Greece continues the great commandment of hospitality. When they ask why don't visitors attend their own families' churches it's because of the value of the family for the Greeks. Greeks view themselves always within the context of their family nuclear, extended and ethno-community. It is not because of prejudice. It is a foreign idea and inconceivable to the Greek mindset to abandon one's family and church.
The OCA's notions about autocephalous standing are precarious at best, forcing the hand of Mother Russia to tolerate the 'entitlements' of an impetuous child. Now in true self serving terms with all the brandish  gusto of a shortsighted adolescent they abandon any semblance of good form by attempting to push their ambition and self-serving agenda of leading the Orthodox Church in the New Land. In reality, as they attempt to justify the means by an 'end' they trample pan orthodox relations. They push every weakness trying to split the house. Their fundamental plan to parish plant and revitalize dying communities is based on poaching disgruntled members from other jurisdictions and undermining the efforts of thriving communities.
Review the glaring commentary and Internet think tanks of the disenfranchised instead of pioneering for a cause they trash defame and slander the only semblance of hope.

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