Friday, July 30, 2010

Miracles Among Us: Are There Christians

There is so much division, so much animosity among the faithful each proclaim rights, entitlements and grievances. With so much back biting and double-mindedness it is unbelievable we should find any stability. We have no blessed assurance, certainly not. We have blame for every charge we can make; name-calling, creating new categories and subcategories finding new ways to demean one another. There are the canonical anomolies, immoral behavior of other groups, the ethical decline of anothers and the calls to arms of novices. We are one church united in Christ where people who were riddled with death rise and we are bickering which amounts to the reduction and debasing of ourselves merely hosing down the floor with testosterone. Let's all pray for proper communication, let's be charitable to one another and keep our peace: shaking the dust from our shoes.
For all you runners: the latenight treadmill run was great I got a tempo run in. What was a stumbling block yesterday turned to a stepping stone today. Week two pre-season is almost through good work. Spend more time praying for those who have no one to love them for captives and their salvation.

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