Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rebuking the Wrong Mentality

Week Two Pre-season run was less then enthusiastic. I ran on the treadmill around 9.30 p.m. I delayed the inevitable. Yes I could have put off the run until today but that would be feeding the wrong mentality. Sometimes the best time to run is when you don't want to. In doing so, training the mind and bending the will rather then the body. It is during these times good character is formed. The battle most often is with one's determination not ability. So last night that is where I found myself struggling psychologically to just "git er dun". I watched Hannity anything to get my mind off the run itself. I slowed my pace way down to 9.50 min/mile pace so I could run comfortably in recovery mode. Then the conflict of interest quickly surfaced the decision pick up the pace and get to the magical three mile marker or reduce the discomfort and just slow down and go thirty min. I couldn't decide and I continued without resolution altering my pace throughout the run. I ran just 3.20 miles but that is just fine during this portion of strength training and pre-season. I did not to feed resistence preventing a run and resolved to complete the run despite the tempation. That is very useful indeed. The measure of real success is not in the watch it's in the mindset. Reframing "rational emotive therapy" a useful tool.

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