Monday, August 2, 2010

.6 Mile Total

I waited until too late in the day to run and a treadmill run wasn't feasible because Euphemia wanted to be with me. I decided it had been about four months since our last run so I decided to bring her along. I buckled her in the ironman stroller and we hit the road.
We got .3 of a mile away and the sky became black and intermittently riddled with lightening. We made a u-turn and headed home. Within moments the sky opened and the rain poured. It seemed as if the sky was a pin ball machine lighting up and the thunderous bumpers clamouring. It was great!
A safe solo run would have been glorious but not realistic. The run not so much. Euphemia was unbothered noticing the ominous clouds ensuing.
For those of you training keep up the good work. There will be days like these. Don't worry it's o.k. Do more tomorrow.

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