Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running Heart rate 134 bpm-170bpm ave 151bpm

Today I ran on the treadmill. I recalled all the advantages to training on the treadmill: the soft surface is easy on the joints; the climate is controlled; I could read, watch t.v or listen to music; I don't have to leave home; there is a restroom with shower ten feet away; there is no traffic, not prying onlookers, no unwanted distractions; a great view of my yard; immediate feedback on stats; pace control and even pre-programmable racing options up to marathon distance.
I was motivated not to put it off and to run at least 4+ miles. Accomplished. I experimented with my pace and my heart rate monitor. My excertion was more  then I  prefer but I have put on ten pounds since i stopped running and conditioning takes time. My strength is being renewed like the eagles.My legs are gaining definition and increasing their ability to withstand stress. I am more focused and motivated in my overall productivity.
After training I went to church for vespers and considered that is the designated place the appointed time for worship in God with the holy people of God. It is my function and my task my opportunity to commune. Being at the psaltery keeps my attention to the service more diligently. It was  blessed. Running has faithfully provided me the private personal space to return to my real personhood leaving internal divisions behind. If you want to become self aware run consistently for longer distances don't rush but push yourself a bit.

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