Friday, August 6, 2010

Increased Turnover

Today's four+ mile run was focused on increasing leg turnover. I have created, quite unintentionally, a very relaxed and lazy running form where I  leap (to exaggerate my point) from step to step. Pros have a leg turnover rate of about 180 per min. To move more quickly they maintain their turnover while increasing their stride length.
As mentioned already in other entries one benefit of treadmill training is redirecting focus off of road traffic or an unsure path the the mechanics. (Yes, it is true that form is slightly changed on the treadmill as opposed to road running but many pros also use treadmills in their training.) Speed runs, incline running (which I never do) and other pace related training tools can easily be done on a treadmill. I intently worked to increase my turnover rate. I shortened my stride and spent less time in the air thereby decreasing force on impact. Experimenting with stride length, foot landing and leg turnover can all improve efficiency and decrease risk of injury.
If you don't have access to a treadmill and can't get out to run keep a jump rope on hand and get in a 30min. round.

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