Thursday, August 26, 2010

Islam the Slight of Hand

There is certainly a mix of wonderful happenings for the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the reclaiming of human dignity expressed in fundamental expression of religious liberty and freedom. Turkey is making some good faith effort to put its best foot forward let's hope this is just a sampling of the complete reinstatement of the Ecumenical standing within the State of Turkey; the only official state blinded to this fact and lost in it's militant secularist insecurities.
Here in the United States there continues to be the press for the islamization of the media and the new currency of acceptable attitudes and free speech. The blatant disregard for basic decency and sensitivity with the Ground Zero Mosque demonstrates at a minimum, the willful denial of the left to understand context of such an undertaking by Muslims. This 'cultural center' as it is now touted is not a bridge builder but a bridge burner. To discuss the legality and zoning of such a center dismisses the legitimate argument entirely and displaces the necessary focus of it's strategic placement. This is about more then American tolerance as if there has been a rash of anti muslim centiment or a backlash after 911 non of which happened. In fact we as Americans have fallen over ourselves not to profile at airports and split hairs in an attempt to distinguish extremists from moderates and even extremists from terrorists.
All in the name of equality the left has politicized this issue to no end. This integration and assimilation as the left talking points wishes to frame the argument of mosque seeding could just as easily be viewed as invasion. The mosque essentially serves as the community organizer winning the hearts and minds of young disgruntled Americans. They seek out especially those disenfranchized who undergo an acculturation of Islam.
We can't shut our eyes to the seeding and planting of cells within our borders and on the international scene all with their express intent of enforcing foreign religious laws despite what leading leftist commentators claim. The Ground Zero Mosque, Cordoba House is somehow to be equated with American tolerance or intolerance and not at all with Islamic conquest? This begs the question why not, considering the extensive history and undeniable reality on the ground. I take issue with the refusal to at least theorectically explore this concern, as do many rational right thinking Americans, who understand the propensity of Muslims to impose their worldview of domination and subordination which has transcended cultures and centuries.
This reform of 'moderate' Muslims is a fantasy of paper mache; a puppet show for the benefit of the media elites the forward thinking types, who think too much of themselves and their civilized mindset, to even entertain the thought they might actually be wrong. They might have underestimated their counterparts abroad. Not all Jihad is waged with the sword most of it is done with the slight of hand and hidden or 'buried' in policy.
All the Bush bashers are blaming the inarticulate Bush for all that is wrong in American foreign policy or domestic unrest. They have cocooned themselves in a logic tight compartmentalized thinking and they wish to take us all with them. Religious people are good as long as they are not Christians then they are close minded intolerant haters. After all not all Moslem's strap themselves to bombs or behead their wives or refuse basic civil rights to their mothers, daughters or sisters.

As for the marathon training for the run for religious freedom it is going very well. I'm definitely back in my groove. Official training commencing in about 3 weeks. If you haven't registered with our temporary home, please do under the Team 34220 tab.

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