Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cordoba House: We are Raya No More! God's Speed to Fr Alex

To deny that Islam from its inception is a reus to rally troops, motivate hoards, ignite faithful people to march on, hijacking God to an unholy cause, is pathological. Mohammad the tyrant was about as enlightened as Jim Jones. He re-established what Roman Emperors of old knew: create or attach to oneself the deity and you are a demagogue to be afforded every concession, every right of passage, every personal indulgence. He created the rule book, the Koran which increased his stature, clout and did much for the morale of his troops. He assimilated basic understanding of religious practice of purification and prayer, of one God. In passing off heresy as legitimate; proclaiming himself the unquestionable keeper of 'the word' and the supreme authority.
For a religion which proclaims to mean peace, it has repeatedly, consistently for centuries conquered, looted, murdered, raped and taking first born sons as a tax for the Janissary. Churches, our sacred spaces were defiled with their conversion to mosques or further disgarded by turning them into fish houses, brothels and bathrooms. By converting religious epicenters into mosques they lay claim to their conquest symbolically and concretely. In recent times, appealing to prideful post-graduate thinkers, with their sophisticated sensibilities; churches are now relogated to remain museums. Deemed as artifacts, places of the old, where simple-minded ritualistic-orientated Neanderthals, who had a knack for art and architecture, beheld their immature philosophy.  All the while these zoning declarations forbid the structures to be used for their original intent. 
Today, sophisticated Muslims blame outsiders for their poor publicity, never speaking out against 'extremists' who kill over unfavorable documentaries and cartoons. They remain personally comfortable and empathetic to zealots who decimate national and religious centers of  peoples deemed 'as others'. 
Schizophrenic political leaders yield to fear, or appealing to some broader, deeper understanding, which seems to allude right-thinking people who get that concessions and ransoms should never be made. There are words which Americans can no longer say, sentiments which we can no longer express. The Muslim leadership has never, nor will they disavow the actions of the extremists. Only non-practicing Muslims (the un-churched to borrow a phrase) are the moderate Muslims; those essentially Muslim on in name only or during Ramadan. Islam will not undergo any reformation because it would spilt the core of Islamic belief conquest and oppression.
So around the world in 30 seconds, Turkey hopes now to invade Europe through legal charter and EU membership. Pass a resolution here, a law there, and with a visa in hand; swoosh Europe will experience a massive exodus of Turks throughout their countrysides. A population shift of 70,000,000 non indigenous peoples. It will be civilized and orderly unlike Cyprus, still a liability and a political nightmare. Invading and displacing hundreds of thousands of people logistically proves more difficult then Turkey anticipated.
Back home Ground zero was brilliant campaign: bomb, decimate and wait. While the Nation recovered from the shock, Islamic advocates infiltrated media, the schools and re-acculturated and redefined what is proper, politically correct, acceptable speech and attitudes. The intimidation of local officials, payoffs, deals for local businesses and appeal to fallacious arguments about tolerance, sophistication and setting the example, were pitched to the people. Government officials are being 'good' Americans by enforcing zoning codes and dismissing claims about the funneling of foreign money. Build the center for tolerance, the  mosque affectionately called Cordoba House, with its official opening September 11, 2011. Yes this is bridge-building at its best. In prison they call it by another name.
Now of course Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which was decimated on 911 which stood beneath the towering emblems of American financial prowess was asked to move. Some notion of eminent domain and other zoning considerations accompanied with promises of making it right or whatever slimy politicians who enjoy stroking themselves were selling. They probably appealed to cultural sensitivity and understanding now refuse to meet to talk to slate the date for reconstruction. 
Now recalling a bit more history Cordoba House, this outreach center of dialogue and exchange, was named for Islamic stronghold in Spain. The home of one of the largest mosques in the world. Since the retaking of Cordoba, the defeat still stings the pride of Islam, havings iconic significance and has remained a emblem taking back lands for Islam. 
I'm not bigoted or racist. I'm not intolerant I am a reader, pilgrim. I'm an Orthodox Christian and I reject the immature faulty assertions made by Islam. I believe in the Trinitarian God, Christ crucified and resurrected. If your Islamic that's your problem not mine.
Touting the Constitution and Freedom of Religion as a end all is a shell game. We have the right to practice and believe what we want but not just anywhere, anytime. Claiming 'its the law' is no justification. It used to be the law in other lands that Christians are killed. Oh wait a minute it still is. In Turkey, converting to Christianity is considered an insult to Turkishness and a violation of the law. That's right Turkey is democratic and a secular state that makes is just fine then my mistake. In Saudi Arabia non Muslims are corralled like cattle where they can go otherwise they can be shot for defiling scared ground. BTY if you're heading there leave your blackberry home they cut off all service.

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