Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep Records Write it Down or It Never Happened

I'm currently experiencing an "I told you so moment". As I have advised members of Team 34220 and others through the years write your miles. Log your runs the basics: time, distance traveled, course and process.
I haven't and now I'm suffering from amnesia trying to piece together my log. Well one run melding into another, one mile a mosaic of a week or a session or a moment.
It is quite frustrating to know better and to be here in this place of disorganization. Of course in the long term it all comes out in the wash but I am shaving minutes off miles and gearing up for the official training just under forty days off.
For those of you signed up for Team 34220 if you don't let me know how you are doing I can't guide you short of dictating training miles. Write me call if you'd like. Don't' forget to register for the big race!!!

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