Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Team 34220 has Gone International

Today I happy to officially announce that Team 34220 has gone international. We have our first participant from abroad hailing from Athens, Greece. He is very exciting to be participating and I'm pleased that our team is increasing with a real cross section of runners.
I did my pre-season run on the treadmill and heard Jews and Christians debate the Islamic "Center" in Manhattan. It is nauseating to hear how some will deny the war mongering Islamic Religion. In another ten years liberals will deny the terrorists were Muslim or it will be an incidental. We have 1,400 years of these incidentals.
Anyway I'm hoping that Team 34220 will inspire Orthodox Christians who are runners to put their names to be counted for pan-orthodox unity and religious freedom. Please remember while having participants actually run Disney Marathon is optimal it is not the prerequisite  for participating. The spirit of liberty and the games transcend one race.

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