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" unforgivable " Metropolitan ...

I'M SORRY FOR THE POOR TRANSATION. I WILL LINK THE ORGINAL FROM romeafa. I'll provide link and post it. I obviously didn't do this entry or story justice. I'm sorry it deserves more.
Monday , 02 August 2010 Written by the Claus IgnatiadisWrath village come with the decision of the hierarchy not to allow the funeral to commit charokameni mother. Ended her life not bear to recent loss of her son in a car
The villagers and their anger that accompanied the last house a woman 47chroni noon Saturday in the village of Kozani Fir exceeded perhaps even the terrible human loss.
The woman was buried unread and moved to the graves of her house without going through the church, after explicit and unequivocal decision of the bishop of Servia and Kozani Mr. Paul to prohibit the commission funeral .
And that's why 47chroni had put the same end in her life, not bear to recent loss of her son in a car .
The appeals concerned the woman fell on deaf ears , as the medical report shown to ... Special Envoy Paul Bishop , which asserted that the woman charokameni suffered from psychological problems and was given medication.
Although the priest of the village had no objection , according to residents , to perform the funeral service , the answer of the envoy from Kozani was unequivocal : the sacred canons of the Church forbid the mention of suicide , regardless of the reason for suicide . Even forbade the priest even hit the funeral bell.
The civil funeral was pandemic, and was amid condemnations against Bishop Paul, the majority of the 340 residents of fir .
The " leventissa "as they called the village was the most active women in society, the soul of a local dance club and other rituals , until last winter, when she lost her son in a car on Lemnos, where he served the military the term.
Since then, according to the villagers , locked herself in , fell ill and took drugs. Last Friday, seven months later, did the aponenoimeno approach , jumping in the lake near the Polyfito Rimniou .
"What the Church has tried to bring this woman to speak, rather than punish them this way after death? Perhaps their role was to try to prevent the inevitable , instead of exhausting the severity of a human tragedy? " wondered told Ethnos friend of the family A. Bountis .
She left behind her husband and a daughter who is married and not residing in the village.
Please note that this is not the first time that Bishop Paul causes public outrage . The most recent was a handwritten letter to former Mayor C. Pagounis Kozani , in which I threatened to ... answer to St. Catherine in another world , because he had dared to denounce the construction of a small temple at the same St. public parking in the courtyard of the metropolis.

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Leftmost said...

When conveying news articles, especially translated ones (very obvious it wasn't written in English), a little grammar goes a long way, so does a link to the original. ;) :)

"she lost her son in a car on Lemnos, where he served the military the term." is a little confusing, the reader has to fill in too many blanks. I still can't figure out if the metropolitan is in trouble because he did or didn't give the woman a funeral.

Take a moment to watch the documentary, Endgame in Afghanistan, for an up-close personal testimony to what US soldiers in Afghanistan go through day by day. It's very sobering.

You may also enjoy the new Orthodox apparel in the sidebar. :)