Sunday, August 15, 2010

Create Milestone Every Run

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death amen.

Today my body was tired and more easily taxed. I had to get control of my thinking and change my approach. I started by bringing my pace way down; by about 30 second per mile. At a mile and a half I thought "just get to three". Something happends when I approach .80 of any distance i kick it to get to the miles marker which is the time to slow for a cool down or turn it up for a strong finish; but not stop, all the while steps yeild mileage.
I'm consistently gauging my progress while ignoring the display. The key is knowing how to use it. It can motivate or it can be like watching water come to a boil.
At three miles I asserted  "just do thirty min". By that time found myself  almost at four miles so I considered keeping it going for 40 min. Once I rechecked the display five miles was not far off. One of my 'go to places' when at a crossroads to continue or to stop respectably, I declare that I'm closer to...(any given distance) now then I will be tomorrow or the next run. This simple declarative shrinks the distance between me and my objective; the resistence yeilds to my determination.  I concluded the session at 50 min. So my padawans I ran just under 5.20 miles (with cool down actual pace was faster) and could have continued in like manner until about an hour without much thought. This run was a perfect example of the dominoe or tipping effect of successful outcomes. One decision increases the likelihood of a direction and progression setting momentum toward achieving short term objectives and goals.
I didn't run longer at this point because the risk of injury especially to my hip would increase. Slow and easy its still pre-season. Another month of strength building and then training will really start and continue without injury God willing. Remember newbies that people stop training because of injury so get strong and keep running.

Team 34220 please remember to keep sending email updating me on your progress and questions.

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