Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treadmill Running Ultimate Convenience

Maximizing time is the best way to insure I fit my run into my day. I'm quite flexible about the time of day. In the past I ran my long run faithfully at 6 am on Saturday or Sunday mornings. To be completely honest nothing compares with watching the sunrise.  I enjoy evening runs when the sun is setting leaving straight away from my front door. Very little can compare to running in the rain. Although I can appreciate the idea of a "Y" membership it is inconvenient. The Y is 4 miles from my house. Even if I streamline my routine it still eats 30-45 min: travel, parking, check in, locker etc. I could be finished with my short runs in that time. Having the treadmill at home is great. Today just as I finished my three miles I heard Euphemia who required my attention and I was right there traveling 3+ miles without being further then a flight of stairs.
One major impediment to my run is getting to the run. A major impediment for most people to getting fit and transforming their lives is getting to the gym or the class or to the trail or wherever. I love the convenience of just lacing up and getting out the door. Sometimes I'll fit my run into an errand. I'll run to Publix for a small item instead of driving which also eats up time. If the family is planning a trip to Walmart I meet them there. There have been other times when I get out of the car a few miles from my brother-in-laws and finish on foot. It keeps running interesting, motivates others and give me experience on different surfaces.
One of the most scenic runs I took was in Jamestown. The family was watching glass blowing I wanted to run the countryside a bit. It was only two+ miles back to the parking lot. I was ready for the run (always be ready) and I ran back with the family meeting up with me when they finished. The view was spectacular complete with geese. Be adventurous always have a running outfit and sneakers in the car.
Prayer on the run has been written about a lot in my older blogs. It is a great aid setting that time aside the alone time to go inward breathing rhythmically the heart singing its chant and the mind engaging the soul. It is a Triune experience. I experience a runners high and gain satisfaction from my runs at disportionate rates based on the extensive reading. I believe it's the direct result of prayer. When people ask me to pray for them I run. Nine miles, fifteen and for the Ecumenical Patriarch 26.2. Whatever is required. When the Florida heat subsides I make the fourteen mile trek to vespers spending 2 hours preparing for church. So no excuses get up and run. With  so much competing for our time get smart.

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