Sunday, December 13, 2009

Matriarch Lillian Lovchuk 91 years young

In recognition of the outstanding service loyalty and love,we the members, family and friends of Holy Trinity Church present this Honor of Distinction to our parish Matriarch Lillian Lovchuk. Lillian remains a fortress of resolve  and dedication to this small parish and in doing so honored  the faith of her father. Lillian never doubted this parish,  its purpose or her commitment. As a loving mother to each of us,  she stood us a pillar immovable, making her claim for this sacred space and strengthening our determination to complete the holy mission and task we had been given. Lillian is a woman who stands firm in her faith and her understanding runs deeper then any river. We thank God for Lillian and pray for her health. May God grant her many, many, many years.

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