Monday, December 7, 2009

just bloggin'

(Theophani her first 15k!)
Today I officially began the layout of a book I plan to have published. Several  have been in the works for years but this is one I will get into the can by this year's end. It will not be published until next year and will publish it myself if need be but it will be completed. The idea is simple and exemplifies the appeal of this humble blog and intrinsic value of a good teacher and willing pupil. The reciprocity of all relationships. More on it in future entries. Planning on running later today. In fact I had been hoping to run for a couple of days now but have given myself permission to be busy with others. Today is warmer and sunny. There is cool breeze comming through the open window where I am seated. From the dormer window I consider marathon. I would have to spend the next three weeks training faithfully with at least a few 18-20 milers. I also would need a pair of sneakers or it will be over before it begins.

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