Thursday, December 10, 2009

the road to better living

I got out and ran today and I'm so glad I did. The weather was awesome: cool, overcast and breezy. It is the kind of weather where someone unfamiliar with the conditions might forsake the run misinterpreting the shade and welcoming wind for something more ominous like a storm. The storm never came thankfully. I run so little now that I feel like I can hardly call myself a runner. The claim rings hollow lacking the basic credential like just running with some regularity. I have broadened my definition of success that perhaps it has come to mean nothing or is of very little intrinsic value. It may be indicative only of a weak character. Tapering is healthful and basic to any running regiment but there is a tipping point when the image no longer reflects the actual likeness. This is true in any arena.  Learn from my mistake be sure to behave a in manner to which exemplifies your self concept. I know I am under-trained and have not been true to what keeps the momentum or push in my day or my week and the extra weight is empirical evidence of this. It must seem pathetic to an outsider, perhaps to all my readers, that something as casual as my running could play such an important role in my life and the vitality it brings but it is how I have come to measure my progress and lately I have been found wanting.

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