Saturday, December 26, 2009

Synaxis on the Run

Today I sported my new brooks sneakers ghost 2. I am trying a shoes a half size smaller to see if it helps with my toe nails. I know more information then you needed. I did want to share with you my thoughts on and about the run. First the specifics, I ran just before vespers while Stavro rode his bike just ahead of me. We went for 5+ miles. During the run several things became obvious the first was that it was a long long time since my last run, new sneakers are 'a good thing' and the basic long term benefit to running is the spiritual benefit of the experience.  I had been sidetracked by the mile markers and the distance wrongly thinking that the accomplishment was in those superficial signposts. The benefit is not marked or evident in the mileage or the time but the space of the run. The subjection and celebration of the body and the attention given to the trinitarian self which pays omage to the Trinity. The body becomes more prominant so that it can fall to the background. I'm learning how Christianity and Orthodoxy is comprised of the balance of paradoxes.  There is a unique celebration of what seems like opposing forces which when in a homeostatic state denies neither position but allows each piece its moment to reflect and participate in the dance with the Lord of the Dance. Vespers was a blessing. The spirit was obviously fluid and present. It dumbfounds me to think how people think orthodoxy is hum drum and a vacous ritualistic proceedure. It is the structure which is freeing testing the whimsical and sifting through the rummage of what is fashionably mystical.  Find your value and hold the course steady and true. A true visionary is not inventive but reflective introspective and seeking. You must have an attatchment to understand where you are traveling. Embrace old world understanding and it will bring with it a modernity which doesn't scandalise which doesn't compete with the cause.

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