Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the state of a deanery toxic buffoonery

I have not abandon my ideals or my religious conviction,in my middle years, but rather abandon the idealism of youth that misled me to believe in priests and bishops to act accordingly. There is laid the disillusionment of many and the betrayal of what is holy. I will not be sperated from my belief or my faith in what is holy, only in whom it may dwell.

hopeless, unproductive, clueless, reprehensibly neglectful, belligerent, abusive, vile, puffed up, self-serving, hypocritical, clannish, Pharisaic, hired-hands, scattered flock, well fed brotherhood cloaked in shadow, prideful, scandalous piety, intolerable cruelty, morally bankrupt, misappropriated loyalty, charade, unorthodox

Scandalous as priest show themselves as the custodial hired hands scattering the flock. not true shepards who lay their life down for the sheep. They don't even part with their convience.

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