Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Truth Stings Turks 'social and religious tolerance' Security Tightened for Ecumencial Patriarch

(off the press) Sharply increased security measures and guarding the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul following the recent interview with the program "Sixty Minutes" of the television network «CBS», which screened Sunday, December 20, 2009.
Recalled that Patriarch Bartholomew in this historic interview said that he felt "crucified" and that even the Turks pursue the ekdiogmo the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
The interview was an unprecedented complaint to Turkey, the first time in the history of the last fifty years has dared to make public and Ecumenical Patriarch, addressed the American people in general around the world.
Patriarch Bartholomew said, that the Orthodox Christians in Turkey are treated as second class citizens. Underlined quote, that "we do not feel that we enjoy our full rights as Turkish citizens.
When the reporter Bob Simon who did the interview asked him "if you treated as second class citizens here, and you Greeks, why not go to Greece," the Patriarch replied, "because love our country, born here and I want to die.
We feel that this is our mission, which is over 17 centuries "and added" I wonder why the authorities do not respect us this story.
Note that so far the garrison of the Patriarch was only one policeman on guard Representative, who accompanied him on his travels outside Phanari.
Recently, however, as informed by the 'National Herald' by high-ranking government officials from Greece, the Patriarch of the guard has been upgraded to seven policemen.
In all the movements now in the Istanbul Patriarch car accompanied by two police cars, one ahead and the other following, each police car has three police officers as crew, while the personal guard of the Patriarch-cop always moving along with Patriarchal the vehicle.
The upgrading of the Patriarchal guard did the Turkish government. There was yet no sign of threat or anxiety, and surprise is the fact that the variety of the Turkish press commented sympathetic interview of Patriarch in «CBS».

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