Saturday, January 9, 2010

Accountability for One Another

Accepting accountability, authentic ownership for one's thoughts, feelings and behavior is only possible when individuals stop blaming previous trauma, cease undoing their past by discontinuing behavior and interrupting thoughts which disrupt sound judgement and by controling the passion/feelings which can feed the cycle of despair or destruction. Choosing love and affection is not synonymous with a free-for-all. We are humans and made in God's image we are called to a different standard then the rest of the known creation. Whenever mankind abandons good measure we are told it's natural regardless of the vice but natural like the fallen nature becomes the crutch to explain away our over indulgence and lack of control. Afterall what is holy, what is purity, what is discipleship about? We each need to decide as best as we are able what is moderation and how much of something is good for us based on individual need like diet restrictions for the diabetic or someone riddled with coronary disease will be different then for someone without such diseases. Still what is beneficial to each may not differ much. Do no harm is not sufficient for the Christian we must cleave to what is beneficial and good for the overall economy of the church. Those who are stronger and able should lead by example a loving example and help those strive for greater health. We help the homeless the hungry the sick and afflicted I am referring here to the spiritual side of mankind only. Love which demonstrates mercy and acceptance is not to be conflated with denial of need. To use secular terms we can lend our ego (strength) to those who are more fragile thereby helping them love themselves, helping them suffer less until such a time that they can muster the courage and strength to dig deep and heal to want more for themselves.

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