Friday, January 8, 2010

Outdoor Run as Florida Braces for Snow

Today I decided to head out for a quick run. It was  cold but not freezing. In fact after the first three tenths of a mile I warmed up nicely. I was grateful that I'm not running the Disney Marathon on Sunday. I'm not in that frame of mind or shape. Praying for the Christians coming out of church Christmas in Egypt. They tried to kill the bishop but gunned down six deacons. Remembering also the dead Palestinians. Our closest friends are Palestinian/Jordanians. Let us pray for all those who are persecuted for the faith. I try to remember that I am Orthodox first and everything else second a distant second. The other affiliations and titles only serve to demonstrate, exemplify and pronounce my orthodox belief and framework. I plan to write more later but sometimes less is more.

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