Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trail Running Fiasco

After church and during Mia's nap I took Theophani and Xena off to the trail for a cool run. I forgot my gloves and the below 50 degree weather was a definite set back. Then Theophani and I set off with Xena zig zagging through the trails. I was basking in personal pride and gratitude for this excursion and time which wasn't going to be dominated with whining or the pushing of 50+ pounds little tyke with stoller. I full of myself and how I was playing enjoying immensly the pain free running, the adventure and the interplay between my "obedient" "hopelessly spry" canine companion. I was more impressed with the new found energetic approach Theophani found in her running adventures on the trail. It was awesome for the first 2-2.5 half mile and then a deer crossed the path and Xena was lost from site. I didn't panic or even have a moment of worry or hesistation but when I didn't see her around the next turn with no reaction to my calling her I realized she had run off in this sizable nature park. I was concerned that she was intitially driven by her desire to chase and then thatshe would lose her sense of direction and decide to lay down for a break. Theophani and I doubled back along the trail we had been running the last few days thinking she would return. She was not wearing identification and is due for her annual shots. The weather had begun dipping into the forties Theophani was tiring and growing anxious about the dog. It had been cold enough that we hadn't broken a sweat during the run or the search.  I knew that I would head out again and rerun the loop. I didn't want to consider leaving the park without Xena but if it became dusk and too cold we would have to notify park rangers and head home. Fortunately when we went back out she was coming from the trail. She had some blood on her and there was a scratch on her nose and her tongue had a mark on it. Xena ran with us to the restrooms to clean her up and disinfect our hands. Later as we drove into our driveway I noticed three ticks on the dog. She was sent to the back yard until I warmed up enough to double check her for ticks and wounds. The evening drew to a close and I figured she could sleep in the screen room but she got out of the fenced yard I called her into the house and she is sleeping in the downstairs bathroom. Tomorrow I take her out for a thorough bath and she will be boarded and vet checked this week. I'm through with trails back to the road. Next I'm going to find out there are sharks in the Gulf. Who took the air out of my balloon?!

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