Monday, January 18, 2010

Scribblings Spiral Notebooks and Highlighting

For my regular readers I feel compelled to write. As you have guessed my running is lagging for reasons of convenience and reluctance. Stuffing all the information all the bits of data into spiral notebooks and now laptop computers has been a pastime of mine for decades. Big ideas, thoughts and theories. Big Thinker spiraling around the recess of my mind. All those years of nodding curiously and scribbling in code expanding my world view a metamorphosis of sophism to finally know very little with all the pomp and fair of the good prime minister. I sadly have equipped myself with catchy jargon designed to exclude and elude. Good for a nod or minor acknowledgement but what has really become of all those interspersed thoughts, truisms, and popular theories contained in those spiral notebooks and binary code. As if my mind could be illumined by dayglo highlighters. I may now find myself in a worse state then before. All the lessons roll in my skull like marbles racing clanking and knocking around in all the empty space. The echoing in the void like a ringing in my ear can only be silence by prayer or exertion. My essence has been cluttered with half truths, misquoted facts, incorrect dates and misplaced words. Humankind and its determination for its own vision, has not been at good teaching it's worldview doesn't seem to intersect with God, has left me more muddled and not better for all  the writing and scribbling.

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