Sunday, January 17, 2010

Archon Aktouarios, National Commander

Anthony J. Limberakis, MD
Archon Aktouarios, National Commander

My sincere congratulation and prayer go out to Dr.Limberakis as he celebrates his name-day. Know that my family and I pray for him and for the efforts of Archons in safeguarding the Ecumenical See.  
Dr. Limberakis is a true example of Orthodox Living (Orthopraxis). Leading by example he works with his fellow Archons, clergy and laity alike to ensure the safety of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.
Fortitude requires courage, loyalty, determination, dedication, and endurance to remain steadfast in the difficult and painful circumstance  of discipleship. Dr. Limberakis' willingness to participate fully in the vocation of Christian discipleship as bond servant, through his tireless effort on behalf of the Ecumenical Throne, is irrefutable.

Endurance speaks to the very core, constitution or construct of  Dr. Limberakis. It refers to the tolerance for prolonged exertion. It refers to the ability of the individual to survive despite the personal cost or liability. It is the manner in which one accepts and manages the ravages of  commitment and circumstance. 

Stamina describes a type of strength, energy or resistance to discomfort demonstrated by Dr. Limberakis. This is a true gift that our Lord has bestowed to him because unlike endurance, stamina refers to an abiding aptitude and energy an enduring persistence or talent. This innate tolerance and regeneration is what creates the ease and grace in which some can do extraordinary feats. There is a perpetual and simultaneous rejuvenation for those who are endowed with a healthy generous dose of stamina.  

Thank you Dr. Anthony Limberakis for your example and leadership. Thank you for forging ahead to fight injustice in the most inhospitable forums. Know that you are certainly laying up heavenly treasure.

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