Thursday, January 14, 2010

Track Running And Octpob

My full intention was to run to church for vespers and bible study and get a ride home but no ride could be arranged. I fit my run into a small window of time where I had to pick up Stavro from basketball tryouts at his school. I arrived about thirty min. early and ran on the track. I know I ran at least 3 miles but I lost track of my laps. Pathetic I know but I just lost count. I don't care for track running very much and that might me attributed in part to the composite of the actual track.  The track was asphalt with a thick layer of paint over it. Not what I was expecting. I have never run on a track for any length of time. The photos posted periodically here of me on a track where taken by Theophani for a photography class and was a complete mock up. Then after rushing home and washing for church I attended vespers and bible study. We are covering the book of Ecclesiastics and watched a dvd on st Haralambos. Very inspiring. I borrowed a copy of Father's DVD Octpob and it was life changing. It ranks 1 in my list of favorite movies. The movie must be viewed to be understood or to approach understanding. Those who have ears to hear let them hear.

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