Sunday, January 3, 2010

One Trail, One Stroller, One Run, Three Kids and Three Miles

Yesterday's run was almost exhilarating. It was soon demolished by my son's poor attitude. He 'sprained' his knee which was his ankle the day before and complained and walk/ran for a few miles. He lagged and dragged us back. Oddly enough theophani was lost in her imaginings as she ran replaying scenes from Lord of the Rings. The baby has a grand old time and would call ahead to Xena to come as she is not accustomed to see in her run ahead. The funny thing is I lectured the two eldest in the car about no body talking to the dog or giving commands on the trail except me. This insures that her commands are waited for, clear and observed the first time. OF course Mia didn't get the memo. The stroller was more difficult to push through the sand at times but all in all the run had great potential. Stavro committed to never running with me again as I don't appreciate he was hurt and think it's all mental. Perhaps, I understand he was 'hurt' but I only find fault with his overreaction. If I left him to play basket ball or swim at the YMCA he would have 'jumped' at the chance. Vespers last night was wonderful save the part were Mia has decided to walk or march around the church trying to light every candle she can find. Her favorite phrases "go away" and "leave me along". The good life. Off to church now!

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